Barred Owl Retreat

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Barred Owl Retreat is one of my favorite places to write and muse. The 15-room, 1920‘s colonial home is located just outside the city of Worcester, Massachusetts in the town of Leicester. The property provides space for individual retreats, small group retreats, and large group classroom or workshop space. Guests and students find sanctuary and inspiration in the lovingly landscaped acreage that hosts an orchard, a brook, two ponds and an abundance of wildlife including herons, beavers, otters, deer, and of course, the barred owls. The property abuts a secluded 114-acre nature preserve that includes a day cabin in the woods, hiking trails, and kayaking. (I love to kayak!) Here’s the website:
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  1. I’m so glad you feel this way! Looking forward to getting my hands on your new book and seeing you at the Barred Owl again soon!

    • Betsy Twombly says

      After waiting so long for you to finish your book, I was totally blown away by “Two-Faced Doll”, and my heart ached for you and for all of us who hold and never can leave behind such pain. Love always, Betsy

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